Area of Innovation

Risk Control due to accidental droplet exposure from patient.


Prototype Development for NIV Bubble Helmet.

Helmet use for no-ninvasive ventilation in patients
who have respiratory distress as a complication
of the COVID-19 virus.

Helmet-based ventilation saves lives, shortens ICU stays for patients who need mechanical
ventilation and can be used on step-down units.

In addition, it can be used for other patients who have different causes of respiratory distress.


Quick and Affordable Protective NIV Bubble Helmet for patients with Acute respiratory distress syndrome to support them with NIV treatment and to protect health care from contaminated aerosol that may contain some infectious agents..


  • Design: In-Progress
  • Prototype Development: Pending
  • Validation & Trials: Pending


Dr Girish Sindhwani
Dr Girish Sindhwani
Shivendu Jauhari
Shivendu Jauhari
Manish Srivastava
Manish Srivastava