Area of Innovation

Risk Control due to accidental droplet exposure from
patient during IPD care.


Prototype Development for Open Access
Patient Face Shield for Patient with
CPAP facemask


Risk control for healthcare workers from getting infected while treating patients with respiratory infections. A quick and cost-effective Protective Equipment for patients with Respiratory infections will help in protecting health care workers. Healthcare workers otherwise may come into contact with contaminated aerosol containing infectious agents while Performing specific tasks or procedures.


  • Design: Complete
  • Prototype Development: In-Progress
  • Validation & Trials: Pending
  • Secured till date: INR ------


Dr Girish Sindhwani
Dr Girish Sindhwani
Shivendu Jauhari
Shivendu Jauhari
Manish Srivastava
Manish Srivastava